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learning vowels.
learning to count.
learning numbers.
learning vocabulary.

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PipoWhat are PIPO GAMES?

An amazing collection of educational games for Kindergarten and Elementary ages! From 3 to 12 years.

You will find the latest versions of the Pipo products on cd-rom in the shops, but here they are online, so you can play them without the cd. You need only an Internet connection. These are themed products with fun learning goals, which you reach when you sucessfully complete all the activities: Math, Geography, English...

With Pipo online you can discover, learn, and revise a lot of topics through the Internet, using the computer in a fun and enjoyable way. Ideal for interactive whiteboard. Navigation is really intuitive, which promotes the child's autonomy and individualized learning. These products include didactic guides for the parents and teachers.


Follow the instructions and you will get a Pipo demo game that changes every day. There are 4 different games!



Come and play with pipo icon

"Come" games: our body, hours, type letters, vowels

Age: 3-6

This is an introduction for children into everyday vocabulary of a child. Pipo shows the children new words, which develops their skills for reading.

Children interact with the scene and get to know the vocabulary by clicking on all of the elements and coloring them in. The child will visit different places: the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the park, the beach...
Each place contains different games: listen and look for the words; practice the colors; read and choose the pictures; count up to 10; and type the letters of the word. It also includes hidden games to learn about: how to handle the mouse, the vowels, the alphabet, memory, the time, sounds of animals, body parts name, add and subtract, and creating songs with the xylophone.

Fun progress tally (the dinosaur) and score sheet for adults. Three different letter types: lower case, upper case and handwriting. Option to print additional material. Includes a learning guide. Allows people with coordination problems to take part.


Math with pipo icon

Math games: division, money, subtraction and submarines-multiplication

Age: 4-8

Our students are introduced to the world of math in a way that is fun and interesting. With our thousands of fun exercises we promise that Math with Pipo will be your favorite math tool.

Here is what you will find in Math with PIPO:
arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), recognizing numbers (up to 3 digits), measuring, geometric shapes, logic games and logical thinking, color the drawing, puzzles, count and solve the operations with the Martians, create numbers (from ones to thousands), calculate the correct price (use coins and bills), etc. Each game contains different levels of difficulty.


Geography with Pipo icon

Geo games: navigation, places, countries and monuments

Age: 4-12

Travel around the world with PIPO and discover the most extraordinary places on Earth. From the world map there are two options: go to the general games or visit one of the fifteen maps and play with the games about the map you have chosen.

General games include: learning about continents, oceans, orientation and direction, rivers, seas, mountains, position in space, geographical features, time zones in the world, the cardinal points, etc.

Games about the maps include: placing stickers, countries and flags, color the maps, cultural representations, capital of each country, placing the flags, longitude and latitude, revise the capital of each country, and make pairs with the flags.


Play with Pipo in the city icon

city games: subtraction

Age: 3-7

From the initial overview of the city, you can explore different scenes: the zoo, the street, the circus, the funfair, the supermarket, fruits and vegetables, aquatic animals and the park (verbs). The children interact with the scene and get to know the vocabulary.

From each scene you can go to vocabulary games to practice: letters, syllables and words. Introducing children to new words develops their skills for reading.
In each scene there is also a hidden game where children can learn how to add and subtract, to count, build sentences, make pairs (memory), play dot-to-dot and hangman. Navigation is very intuitive and promotes exploration.

Fun progress tally (the whale) and score sheet for adults. Three different letter types: lower case, upper case and handwriting. Option to print additional material. Includes a learning guide. Allows people with coordination problems to take part.


Discover the universe icon

Try all the games at:

fun astronomy for kids

Age: 5-12

This is a program designed to teach about the space in a fun and exciting way. Pipo and Cuca Cuca take off in their spaceship from the Earth bound for the Moon, the Solar System and to the furthest limits of the Universe.

Activate the robots, get coins and complete your mission: to assemble the new spaceship (fun progress tally). Includes the possibility to print diplomas for each topic.

Once you have chosen the topic, you go to the main explanation of that topic with interactive simulations and games where you can put your knowledge into practice.
Constellations: how to find them, the Zodiac and their mythology.
The Earth: the rotation of the Earth, day and night, revolution and the seasons.
The Moon: the moon phases, landing on the moon, eclipses and tide.
The solar system: investigate the Sun, the planets and the life of the stars.
The comets: the showers of shooting stars and meteorites.
The Milky Way and the immensity of the universe.
History of astronomy, Spaceships and tips to observe the sky.


Wake up your mind with Pipo icon

Braintraining games: balance scales, memory, logic, wordsearch

Age: +5

Join Pipo for a fantastic journey on his galleon. Set sail with sailors, captains, and adventurers while you exercise your neurons. This program will work students' memory skills, perception, verbal skills, logic and mental calculations.

From the first scene, you can go to 12 games. Each one of them has different levels where you can gain up to 5 medals.The product is divided into 3 ranks that are targeted at different ages: cabin boy, sailor, and captain.

Children have an incredible capacity to learn. They should be stimulated with all types of activities. These games are a practical way to develop their intellectual abilities since they use different cognitive skills.
Check progress: as you solve the games, you receive medals. The score screen will also show the personalized progress for each game. They can consult the records.


My first words in Spanish icon

First games: typing, scenes, make pairs, I spy, etc.

Age: 3-8

Seventeen everyday scenes will help children learn Spanish in a natural way, just as they learnt their maternal language: the bathroom, the kitchen, clothes, colors, numbers... It's an amazing educational software that teaches our kids/students great Spanish vocabulary in those beginning years. During these early years, we are most receptive to learning and retaining a language.

The scenes: to begin with, the children interact with the scene and get to know the vocabulary by clicking on all the elements and coloring them in. This exercise promotes exploration and exposes them to new words, which develops their skills for reading.
The games: here the children consolidate and assess what they have learnt in the scene. Each game has three levels of difficulty. When they complete a theme (scene), they will be awarded a diploma to color in as positive feedback.

This program covers reading, pronunciation and comprehension of hundreds of words in a natural, enjoyable and fun way.
Our first totally interactive and illustrated dictionary!



Are you bilingual (English/Spanish)?
Do you and want to know more about our Spanish site?
Watch our videos! It takes less than 4 minutes.

The ONLINE SPACESHIP section at PIPOCLUB.COM (Spanish site) has thousands of different short games. These come with guidance and they are easy to pick up, so you can practice what you have learnt in class. Contains more than 4,000 different activities and more than 25,000 different exercises. Games are organized according to the age of the student. Ideal for bilingual Spanish-English students.

We also have PIPO COLEGIO ONLINE, which contains administrative features for the school. We can create password for each child, we can keep a record of the child's progress, we can delete and add a students' name, we can add classes, etc. We cover the following subjects: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, English and Spanish. Pipo Online is fun and totally interactive. Tt is divided into 5 different age group:

ico vídeo PEQUES PEQUES - TODDLERS edad/age: 0 - 3
icono vídeo INFANTIL INFANTIL - KINDER edad/age: 4 - 6
icono vídeo CICLO 1 PRIMER CICLO - 1st ELEMENTARY edad/age: 6 - 8
icono vídeo CICLO 2 SEGUNDO CICLO - 2nd ELEMENTARY edad/age: 8 - 10
icono vídeo CICLO 3 TERCER CICLO - 3rd ELEMENTARY edad/age: 10 - 12